What is an autoresponder


What is an auto responder used for...simply put, it contacts those on your email list.

Still just a bit confused?  Let's break it down some so all of us will totally understand it.  We will go back and use a real life experience to illustrate it.

Way back in the early 1900's , when big business' wanted to grow even larger, they began to realize that if they could include the "little people" in their business, they would be able to almost dominate their market.  So how did they address this issue?

After some marketing research, they began to use the door to door salesman approach.  Already, in some of the larger cities, the storefront sales were already a booming business. However, they wanted to gather those that lived in the smaller communities and even in some of the outlying areas of rural America.  The door to door sales techniques answered those needs.

The techniques used by successful salesmen (and yes, at one time they were ALL men)  were pretty much the same all over the country.  They would make an initial call to offer their products, and because the door to door type of sales was so new in differnt areas, many would buy on the initial call.  That made all sales people happy in their work.

On the other hand, many would show a certain amount of interest, but would not buy.  These individuals would be  noted in their little sales book.  Dates, what they were offering, how the person responded, what else did they show interest in, their dogs name, children's names, their name (husband or wife) and so on.

When, after some time, the salesman would return, having all of the above information written down, would quickly review it and call again.  Lo and behold, the home owner's would be impressed that the salesman could recall who they were, what they talked about and even the names of all!  Needless to say, they made many more sales that day.

But what if they still did not respond by buying something?  Throw out all of their written information and never to return?  Nope.  The truly good salesman always kept the information...even for years to come.  Buy why?

You see, many years ago the country was divided up into "sales territories" that only certain salesmen had access to.  In other words, no other salesmen that were selling the same products could venture into that territory and try and capture someone else's potential customer. 

A very good thing.  That is why the good salesman kept all of their records.  After all, you never know when someone would buy from you.  :)

OK, so now we have a basic understanding of the importance of bringing  the items to the attention of the potential customer.  How about a true story now?  Listen up.

Back in the 40's and 50's, when the door to door sales markets were booming, there was much competition among the sales staff.  They all wanted the best territories to be theirs.  Many top sales people (and now women were involved in the door to door sales staff) would make small fortunes from their productive territory.  It would become, at times, a 'cut throat' business for the sales staff towards each other.

However, other territories would sometimes, never be worked.  This story is about a man (a crippled man I may add) that needed to work to support himself.  He decided on sales.  However because of his disability, many thought of him as someone who would be "here today and gone tomorrow."

He was given one of the most, if not THE most unproductive territory in his area.  Nevertheless, he accepted it and worked it.  ALL OF IT WALKING TERRITORY!!!

Now remember, this man had a walking disability.  Think about how difficult it would be.  But, his determination to succeed was amazing.  To make a long story short, he kept at this SAME TERRITORY for years.  Because of his persistence, it eventually became one of the MOST PRODUCTIVE within the entire company!

In fact, after many years of faithful sales service, he becase recognized not only by his customers and his company, but he was deemed to be top salesman in the U.S.

His achievments were so outstanding that Hollywood decided to make a movie about his life.  And they did !

So what is the point here?  Remember how the early salesmen would keep track of the people they called on?  Then they would call again at another time to offer their products.  Why?  Because the person had ALREADY SHOWN  a bit of interest in their wares on the initial call.

An auto responder does that for us...all AUTOmatically.  If someone shows interest in our products, and let's say, leaves us their name and email, it will go into the autoresponder.  The autoresponder will send out an email (RESPONDING to their initial interest) by  inviting them to take another look at your product that they had initially shown an interest in. 

Usually the autoresponder will do it for a period of about 5 to 30 days and about 2 or 3 times per week.  However, we need to be aware that in order for this to happen, WE need to have it set up to do so.

Now, don't panic.  Almost all autoresponder company sites will walk you through the set up process over the phone.  So it is nothing to get too excited about.  Just take your time and follow their instructions.

Now, we understand the autoresponder and how important it is.  It makes those "door to door" return calls for us! 

What is an autoresponder


Marketing Objectives


Marketing objectives need to be clear and understandable when we are trying to make $$$ online.

An easy to use blogging system is one of the very best ways to get started.  This blog you are reading is $25.00 to get started and within minutes, you can post your first blog.  If you have a product, then blog about it.  Do you have another web site that you want to drive traffic to?  Then blog about it.

Just watch the video at the side.

Your skill at marketing comes about by time on the Internet and learning what does and does not work for you.  Blogs are by far, the easiest to get started with. 

You can also use YouTube and make a short video of yourself or someone else that wants to be seen online and that can either make a funny video or one that amazes viewers.  Then at the end, you can give your pitch and/or put annotations into the video with you link to your blog page.

Annotations are very easy to put into videos.  Just go to YouTube and search how to put annotation into YT videos.  You will get dozens telling how to do it.

You can buy traffic to your video and/or web page or blog page.  We have recommended it several times in our blog.  Go to the site of www.fiverr.com and serch for one's who will drive traffic to your site.  It usually runs $5.

Don't forget to put ads in the newspaper.  Now, the newspaper we are talking about are those found online, not the local paper within your community.  Search Google for newspapers online and you can place a classified ad that will be in 1000's of papers instead of just your local one.

Email is another way to share what it is that you are marketing.  If your objective is to make $$$, then the list is so important.  How do you get a list?  You find a site that has similar items or products that you have and scroll to the bottom where it usually has a place to contact them.

Shoot them out an email asking if you can place an ad with them that they will send out to their email lists.  But before you do, be sure that they have a good sizeable list to begin with.

Get a cost, and how often will it be sent out.  Do you homework.  Shop around.  Compare prices and lists.  Be picky.  Remember, you are the one spending the money, not them.

Keep you marketing objective always in mind.  Have fun as you learn this skill of online marketing .  Once you get it, you will always have it in your arsenal.

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Marketing Objectives

how to write a blog


How to write a blog is not difficult.  In fact, once you begin, it can be extremely enjoyable!

Let's take a journey together into this "unknown" world of blogging.  There are several things to keep in mind when you write a blog.  Is it for entertainment?  Business?  For your family and friends? 

Which area you are writing about and to, can make a big difference. 

Entertainment is the most enjoyable.   It can contain all sorts of information.  It can be about something you read about, local news items that the rest of the country does not see or read about, your opinion on a subject whether it is on local concerns, a movie you saw, local problems or people.  Just be careful and not slander anyone.

Family and friends can communicate with one another, post pictures and even a video or audio message.  All of that can be done on a blog.  However, it needs to be a blog site that has those capabilities.  This blog site has that ability.   To learn more, just click on the video on this page and see how it is done.

If you want to blog about a business opportunity, keep a few simple things in mind.  You need to explain what it is that you are offering.  Be detailed but not so much information that the person reading your blog will now have no need to pruchase your product. 

It should be information that can help people in their search for answers.  For instance, you can go to a huge variety of social sites and see what problems people are searching for and want answers to.  In your blog, give the answers. 

Or, if you are experienced in something, then once again, pose a problem and then post your reply.  If it pertains to what your offer is, then give a little "taste" of what you are offering.

Here is a warning though.  Do not make the classic mistake of always trying to pitch (that is, sell something) your product on every blog.  Hard sell tactics just do not work.  People will read only so far, then click away.......never to return.

:On the other hand, if you provide them with answers and good contents, they will want to come back again from time to time and see what else you have for them.

If you have a landing page or better know as a squeeze page where you gather email address' and name's, then you can promote your products to those who have shown interest. 

Remember though, when you send out an email, it should contain good, usable information.  It needs to be sent out about 1 or 2 times per week.  Any more than that, you will be deleted and/or viewed as spam. 

You want your emails to be opened and read.  So, after about 3 or 4 emails, then and only then, should you give your pitch.  By that time, people will have learned many things from you through your emails and will want more. 

That should be the only way you give your pitch through your emails. 

Have a product you want to sell but now sure how to do it?  One site that we have used many times is :   www.fiverr.com  where you can login and search for almost anything you want.  It will run you $5.00 to about $20.00 depending what you are looking for. 

A fiverr person has just recently set up a campaign to make a professional ebook cover for you.  Another has a way of promoting back links to your site, or even directing traffic to it.   Check it out.

There are right ways and wrong ways to drive traffic to your site or blog.  Within the Big Idea Mastermind products you will learn how to do it with somewhere around a 60 or 70 % opt in and a 45 to 75 %  purchase rate.  Vick Strizheus teaches us how to do it the right way.  After all, he has blazed the trail for us. 

If you really want to learn how to do things the right way, click on the link below and watch the short series of how-to videos all presented by Vick Strizheus.  It can open up a whole new world of online marketing to you.  Plus, it is all FREE !  

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So you want to know what a blogger is and how the blogging platform or system works.  Right?  In this blog I will keep it very simple for all to understand how it works.

So many people enjoy writing articles online and then posting them for the online community to see and read.  They also have spaces to leave a comment, share it with others, put a video on your blog site, and audio (voice), and even have clickable links that will take a person to another site. 

You will also find (at any location all around the blog post) banner ads, videos, and many other things of interest.  Those are areas that the one who has made the blog post in the first place, has placed these links or videos so that when you see something else that catches your interest, you can continue your search or education on that particular subject.

It can be great fun to just write about anything that you want to.  You can also give out your url web site blog address, which is located at the very top of your blog page and usually starts with http://   and then has the rest of your site address.

That is the part that you want to share with family and friends.  They can read what you write everyday or whenever it is that you leave a new post (post is what you write about within your blog).

So how do you start a blog?  

If you read yesterday's blog on this site, you will get much more insight regarding that question.  It is under the heading of :   blog

When you start a blog, that is exactly what you need to do.  Just START IT !!

Remember this, if you are new, there is no right or wrong way to start a blog.  However, if you just want to have fun and send your friends there, then it's a great place to tell about yourself, a funny story, keep a daily diary and so forth.  

Several years ago they made a movie entitled "Julie and Julia."   Based on a true story.   In short, it was about a young woman who wanted to go through ever one of Julia Childs (a famous chef) cookbook and keep a record of what she did on an online blog page.  

It was a very good movie.  Great for the entire family.  

Anyway, if you get a chance to watch it, it will give you much insight as to what to write about and how to do it.  Remember, there is no definite correct way of writing a blog.

On the other hand, if you decide you want your blog to be a business with an opportunity to make money online, then it needs to be quite different in it's contents.

How so?

You should remember that when you have your own blogging page, people begin to view you as an 'expert' because, after all, you DO have your own web site page.  They do not!

So what you write or blog about, it totally up to you.  If you have items that you want to sell, then blog about it.  Not every single detail, but just enough to pique someone's interest so they will purchase from you.

Do you have knowledge of something?  Then blog about it.  Write youself a very simple ebook and sell the information online.  How do you do and ebook?  Search online for "how to make an online ebook" or something like that.

Another way is to go to www.fiverr.com  and after creating an account, search for ones who will help you make an online ebook.  

Prices vary from $5.00 up to about $20.00 depending what you need and what you are looking for.   I have used them many, many times for different things and every one has give me very good success.  Try them, you may like them.

Now, in my previous blog, I clearly mentioned to you that most people would use the Word Press blogger platform.  
I will say it right now...do NOT use it.   Why?  Because it is way too complicated for a new person to get started with.

However, there is a  blogging platform that is already set up for us with the Empower Network (EN) program, and takes literally minutes to set up and start your first blog.

It has all of the above mentioned benefits.  That is...video, audio, contents page, and pictures capability.  All rolled into one simple to use, blog site.

Once more though, keep in mind that the EN site is designed for those who want to make money online.  It has teams within the site where groups of people, just like you, work together and give out very good information as to how to be a success with an online business.

The top team within the EN program is called Big Idea Mastermind (BIM).  It was created by Vick Strizheus.  It has the most success stories and generates the most income than any of the other teams in EN.

Vick teaches us how to imitate his success.  

He teaches us how to set up and capture emails, follow ups, our own custom landing page, what to blog about, how to blog, how to give out good contents to those wanting to learn online marketing and much much more.

Want to check him and his BIM team out?  Then go to the below clickable link and watch the FREE introduction videos.   







Blog about what you may ask?  How do I set it up?  How do I get others to see my blog?  Am I going to use my blog to make money or use it just for fun?

All of the above are very good questions, and since I do not know exactly which one pertains to you, we will give you a real good "food for thought" in each category within this blog and direct you to another area where you can receive training on how to blog successfully.   Fair enough?

To begin with, what do you blog about?    Actually it depends on what you are wanting to accomplish.  A blog business or just to put something down in writing online about your activities?  If it is the latter one, then that is easy.  Just write about your everyday activities, your likes or dislikes,  even tell a short story about yourself, your pet, you kids or something funny that happened to either you or someone you know.

People love to read about funny, informative, current events, or detailed information regarding news worthy items. 

On the other hand, if you want to blog to make $$$ from it, you will need a unique blogging platform.  Most people will use something like WordPress or something similar.

Just a word of caution though.  With WordPress, there is many, many things that you need to learn first, even before you put out your first blog post.  Keep reading and we will remedy all of that in this blog.

 However, before you do, please read this entire blog.  You will be happy you did because it will steer you to a blog platform that is almost 100% turn-key ready.

This turn-key blog platform has already installed components so we can put things in written form, audio, or even a video format.  It is all set up for us and when we decide to use that platform, we can do so within about 5 minutes or even less.

If we want others to see our blog, we can gather the blog site URL , which will be our own personal URL web address, and send it to all our friends.  It can be done through email or facebook or some other type of media. 

On the other hand, we can also purchase traffic.  That is the number 1 way that people make $$$ online.  Why so?  Because the entire Internet is run on $$$.  Yes, there is some free stuff, but since it takes such a long time to find it and set it up, it many times is not worth the effort.  

You can use other peoples lists.  It does take a bit of money to do so, but you can have your blog web site address sent out to thousands of people within a few minutes.  Many online sites have a "contact us" link towards the bottom of the page where you can send them an email and ask if you can advertize on their site.

Remember too, that they are people just like you.  They WANT you to advertize with them.  Many of these companies have 100's of thousands of subscribes.  Your blog site URL will be sent out all.

So what is this blogging platform?   Actually, you are on it right now.

It is the Empower Network program.   It has all of the above mentioned features, plus, if you desire to do so, for a few $$$ more, they will teach you how to make literally, buckets of money when using this blog system.

Empower Network (EN) is one of the very few, real online marketing programs that is 100% dedicated to you, the average person.  It was started by David Wood and David Sharpe.  Both had a burning desire to make a difference in the online marketing world and at the same time, have good ethics and an honest program.

So many of us have thrown away our money on programs that did not work, or....... we just jumped around online to the next shiney object.

 If that fits us, then you have finally found what you have been searching for !!

Let me explain how it works.  If you choose to join EN for the blog platform, it is only 25.00.   If you choose to learn how to use this blogging product to make $$$ online, then to gain that knowledge it will cost a bit more $$$.   But that is only natural.  We all pay for knowledge.  

Whether it be buying a cookbook, an automotive book, a college education, a night school class, or an online marketing product.  It will cost us some $$$ and time.  And unless you really LOVE what your life is right now, there is no need to go any further into this blog.  May as well stop right now and click away.

On the other hand, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then read on.

The EN program is made up of large numbers of teams within the network.  Each team has a leader.  They started out just like you are right now.  Brand new.

The  team that is the number one financial leader with the most successful money makers is the Big Idea Mastermind (BIM)  group, created by Vick Strizheus.

Vick teaches us through live videos, and more.  He teaches us how to use the Internet to create an income that can out pace most people's yearly incomes.  How would an extra $5,000.00 or perhaps $10,000.00 per month sound to you?

With live videos, which are ONLY available to those on Vicks team, he will give us all the short cuts to which he himself actually uses to make his online fortune.  Vick is after success stories, not our money.  He is already a millionaire.

By watching over his shoulder, his step-by-step videos make it seem almost like child's play.   Need more information?

Then click on the below link and see Vick's intro. video.  


Top:  Vick Strizheus    David Wood      David Sharpe

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